About Me

Hi I am Tanya Sanders-Kelker, The Beauty Accountant for Entrepreneurs in the Beauty and service Industries; but you can absolutely call me BAE. I am here to help you run your business like a real Business with solid foundation and systems along with working strategic plans that will increase your profits and grow your business.
I am the owner of Profit and Growth, LLC, a small business consulting and accounting firm; Owner and operator of a Multi-Six figure beauty studio, Body Party Wax & Beauty Studios in Pearl, MS that I opened in 2017 to use as a case study to show you how I went from 0 clients to a million dollars in revenue in three years; along with the strategies I teach my clients, work and have helped my clients run over a million dollars of combined annual revenue per year. I not only know how to help you on the accounting and business side I come with proven beauty and service industry experience, knowledge and strategies.