Tanya S Kelker

Business CleanUp

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Are you feeling all over the place when it comes to your business? Let’s face it social media will have you listening to pieces of information and gems from all over. And then it is like trying to put together a puzzle with pieces from different sets, some fit and some don’t but putting it all together to make a clear picture is impossible.

Thats is called information overload and at the time it seems all good because yes it all has good information attached but it doesn’t mean it is for your business.

With this Business Sweep, you will receive a complete guide to use to get you started and focusing on proper structure for your business so you can focus on the revenue drivers and your skills.

The Business Sweep is best for:

  • Established Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs
  • Small Business Owners

Whats included in the Business Clean Up

  • 1-on-1 walk through Business Foundations and pivot areas
  • Clarity session to evaluate the current situation of your business paired with your goals for your business 
  • Bookkeeping system setup for client preferred system with one month’s tranactions used to setup chart of accounts.

  • Business Strategic operations plan

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No refunds.