Tanya S Kelker

Business Finance Audit

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Do you have a business that is bringing in income, however you feel like you can't really SEE your money? 

Are you unsure as to how to accurately pay yourself as an owner?

Would you like to have some order to your business finances so that you can have a peace of mind?

If you answered yes to either or all of these questions, take a deep breath and know that there is no shame in that and it's ok, because I have a solution for you to help you get control over your money so your money wont have control over you. 

This service is best for:

- Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

-Small Business Owners

Audit format:

1. Audit Questionnaire

2. Submission of documents

3. Customized Audit Strategy plan that includes recommendations and next steps.


Please make sure that you have submitted the correct email address when you check out to ensure that you receive your audit. 


No refunds.